Successful biological control of cancer

Successful biological control of cancer
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Successful biological control of cancer

Successful biological control of cancer

Paul Gerhardt Seeger - Siegfried Wolz

Biological cancer control is possible!

"Whole libraries can be filled with the papers written about cancer and its causes, but the contents of these papers fit on one visiting-card." August Bier

These prophetic words of August Bier were fully confirmed a few decades later, when P. G. Seeger demonstrated the cause of the cancerous degeneration of cells in experiments carried out with histochemical methods in the Department of Cell and Virus Research in the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin. His findings show that the cause of cancerous degeneration of a normal cell is destruction, brought about by carcinogenic chemical noxae, of the respiratory Enzyme cytochrome oxidase, or cytochrome a/a3 according to recent nomenclature, and the other cytochromes of the respiratory chain with the result that substrate hydrogen can no Iongerbe "combusted" for the purpose of generation of heat and energy, so that the cell is then forced to switch over to the relict mechanism of fermentation or glycolysis in which a larger number of building substances are produced, resulting in proliferation or uninhibited division of the cell. Thus, the cause of cancerous degeneration of a cell is disturbance of oxygen utilization, i. e. the incapability of the cell, brought about by carcinogenic noxae, of transferring the oxygen brought along by the blood cells to the hydrogen of the food Substrate. And since this explanation fits on one visiting-card the prediction of August Bier is thus confirmed. Quotation.

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