Royal Jelly - Good Health from the Beehive

Royal Jelly - Good Health from the Beehive
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ISBN-NR.: 978-3-944592-14-5
Royal Jelly - Good Health from the Beehive

Effects - Applications - Research

Dr. Mathias Oldhaver

Royal jelly this substance sounds mysterious, almost mystical to most people. Because most of our knowledge revolving around this valuable bee substance is primarily based on personal experiences and observational studies. But the positive impact of royal jelly on our health can actually be explained and proven with scientific methods. This book introduces those studies which have already demonstrated the health benefits associated with royal jelly and reviews the current status of research that has already been conducted on this fascinating bee elixir. The author also addresses the new scientific field of nutriepigenetics, which best exemplifies the phenomenon of royal jelly and delivers exciting insights into the fact that our nutrition plays a major role in the development or better non-development of diseases. This book makes a vital contribution towards a better understanding of the royal jelly phenomenon in all its characteristic features and in using this health elixir of queen bees, which has already helped numerous people around the globe as a source of vitality and in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, with greater precision in naturopathic therapy.


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