Oxygen Starvation Syndromes

Oxygen Starvation Syndromes
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Oxygen Starvation Syndromes

Chronic Fatigue Syndrom

Dr. Rober A. Buist

Oxygen Hunger: cause of many diseases

An increasing number of diseases are associated with the oxygen deficiency syndrome, a mitochondrial dysfunction - especially cancer and the Chronicle Fatigue Syndrome, as well as neuroses, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and Parkinson's disease. How are the mitochondria damaged and how can we counteract therapeutically? In his book on the oxygen deficiency syndrome the internationally recognized nutritionist Dr. Robert A. Buist explaines the complicated processes of cellular metabolism in a very understandable way. Buist provides a listing of active ingredients and principles that are appropriate in order ton avert the damage of mitochondria and other important metabolic structures. Buist is also talking about the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).


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